Folding Screen Demo

You can play Byobu(folding screen) demonstration on this page.


  • 津野駿幸稲本万里子小長谷明彦:仮想空間上の灯明光源効果を用いた時代屏風の再現,人工知能学会全国大会(第32回),2K2-02,鹿児島  6月6日 (2018).

Push      and play on full screen.
※Push [Esc] if you want to go back normal size screen.

①Your View
・↑↓←→ key: go up, down, left and right
・Space + ↓↑:back and forth
・Space + ←→:rotate

・click left and drag:candle follows on Byobu surface

・right click:next prologue
・right click (after prologue):Byobu explanation
・S:skip prologue
・B + ↑↓:room light
・B + ←→:close and open Byobu
・V + ↑↓:light range of candle
・V + ←→:change candle light color
・V + B:Restart


Toshiyuki Tsuno (2019/05/30)